Crab Apple Edition - Hairology Presets


Crab Apple Edition - Hairology Presets

9.99 20.00

**Lightroom Mobile App Required**

Crab Apple is for those who like a punch of red in their greenery. Crab Apple is perfect for anyone with warmer tones in their hair or enjoy the rolling green hills, winery’s or any green patches. Come escape to the summer side in the prairies with us by purchasing Crab apple.

What’s Included:

>1 Hairology Prairie Preset

>2 Installation Instructions

>3 Instant Download Zip File

Zip Files must be downloaded to a computer before saving the DNG file to email back to yourself. Written instructions along with a step-by-step photo instruction will be included on how to import & use preset in the Lightroom Mobile App.

All sales will be FINAL. No refunds.

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